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ArtCarved Engagement Rings

Check out ArtCarved engagement rings that are rich in history and highly treasured. Find that one ring to brighten your eyes and preserve those joyful moments forever in your heart.

ArtCarved Engagement RingsArtCarved Engagement Rings for Every Kind of Romance

Engagement ring shopping won’t be complete until you’ve browsed the impressive ArtCarved selection of luxury engagement rings.

Which is the everlasting quality that you consistently feel in your relationship? Is it joy and playfulness? Is it respect and adoration? Do you feel connected to family traditions and status?

Whether your future husband is the one who makes you laugh all of the time, or causes you to swoon at his charming ways, you will easily find an ArtCarved engagement ring that fits your romance style perfectly.

Rich History of ArtCarved Engagement Rings

ArtCarved has been delivering engagement and wedding rings to America’s romantic couples since 1850. J.R. Wood and Sons created the original ArtCarved diamond engagement ring. From there, they continued to tweak and refine the process and the design. They eventually found a way to solder the ends to make a seamless engagement ring out of gold.

There is a good chance that your great-grandmother wore an ArtCarved engagement ring, back in her day.

During World War II, precious metals such as gold and diamonds were redistributed in the war effort, meaning that Congress ceased the production of jewelry in the USA. Leaning on its reputation and the power of sentiment, ArtCarved managed to gain permission from the US government to continue making an selling engagement rings and wedding rings in spite of the metal shortage. ArtCarved was the only company permitted to produce luxury jewelry during this time, becoming America’s one and only ring provider for wartime couples.

Let’s look at some of ArtCarved’s achievements in the last 166 years:

  • They were the first in the New World to invent and create the carved ring, which has since become a standard in jewelry crafting throughout the world.
  • In the 1920’s, ArtCarved rings were the No. #1 most popular solitaire rings in the nation.
  • ArtCarved also led the way for the innovative concept of 24-hour doorstep delivery in the 1930’s, meaning that couples could be absolutely certain of their orders arriving on time for the Big Day.

Beautiful Designs by ArtCarved

ArtCarved engagement rings are works of art. The delicate bands of gleaming gold twist and turn in exquisite designs, beaded with dazzling diamonds. Minute milgrain details, elusive eternity twists, and imaginative, innovative patterns are only some of the intricate fine points of this romantic ring collection. There could be no more beautiful way of keeping a memory sacred or alive in all its poignant happiness than to wear one of these rings forever.

Genevieve by ArtCarved

This beauty really steals the show when it comes to embellished engagement rings. Far from plain, the Genevieve by ArtCarved gorgeous pear shaped bezel set diamond halo ring has a twisted shank and diamond accents as far as the eye can see. It’s available in Platinum, 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, or Palladium.

ArtCarved Engagement Rings

Velma by ArtCarved

With a vintage look and a modern shine at the same time, this Velma ring is surely swoon-worthy. The emerald cut is a gorgeous nod to the Art Deco Era and the halo of diamonds along the outer edge gives it added sparkle and a modern touch. Even the band is elaborately detailed with delicate scrollwork drawing the eye along the base. This ring truly is top shelf.

ArtCarved Engagement Rings

Adeena by ArtCarved

Check out the Adeena ring from the contemporary collection of ArtCarved engagement rings. This ring adds a trendy element, channeling the mixed metals trend that is so hot in luxury jewelry. This Bypass Prong Set Engagement Ring is available in Platinum, 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, or Palladium.

ArtCarved Engagement Rings

Honor your relationship with ArtCarved

No other company can claim the history and exclusivity of this brand of luxury bridal jewelry. ArtCarved engagement rings are in a league of their very own. Honor your one of a kind relationship with an ArtCarved engagement ring and the rich history and unfailing commitment that it represents. A name brand this strong will never go out of style.

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