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Cool Rings: John Hardy for the Guys

Interesting rings on man hands make for an undeniably cool look, and you don’t have to be fancy to pull it off. Discover these designer rings John Hardy for the guys! Rings to fit any man’s style Looking for a worthy gift to give to that special man in your life? Or, maybe it’s your son or your Read more

Armenta Rings that will Charm You

Armenta rings stand out from the rest. These dark and charming pieces are anything but typical. Look at them long enough, and you will become completely mesmerized! What makes Armenta rings different It’s easy to see that Armenta jewelry is not part of the mainstream, when it comes to the luxury jewelry industry. This particular Read more

Gurhan Rings

Accentuate your hands with the rich colors and bold details of luxurious Gurhan rings. Stack several thin ones together or wear a statement piece by itself, and give your fresh manicure some friendly competition! Gurhan Rings for Tastemakers of Fine Jewelry Gurhan raised the bar even higher than it already was for luxury jewelry. When Read more

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds, are a growing trend in bridal and weddings. If you’re a vibrant bride-to-be with an interest in fashion, yellow diamond engagement rings will compliment you beautifully! Quality and Features of Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Yellow is the color of sunlight, hope, joy and new beginnings. Yellow diamond engagement Read more

Armenta Jewelry: Artfully Dark and Meaningful

Armenta jewelry caters to a taste that is dark and mysterious. These edgy pieces are influenced by history and literature, combining old world and new world elements. Both men and women gravitate towards the luxurious Armenta jewelry brand. How Armenta jewelry came together Armenta jewelry is a luxury brand that was founded by a woman Read more

The Perfect Engagement Ring in Marlton NJ

The Perfect Engagement Ring in Marlton NJ The Perfect Engagement Ring in Marlton NJ: Mitch is just wonderful and awesome! He helped my boyfriend choose the perfect engagement ring so we also bought our wedding bands through him. He is thorough, a great listener and he has your best interest at heart. All in all, Read more

Luxury Jewelry Brands of Today

Do you have brand loyalty when it comes to luxury jewelry? If you don’t know which styles and designers are the best, check out these top luxury jewelry brands of today! Top Luxury Jewelry Brands The pieces of jewelry that you’ve selected must be worthy of the occasion. You might be looking to commemorate a Read more

BR Luxury Diamonds

Bernie Now & Then: Still the Same Some would be surprised to hear; Bernie Robbins didn’t start out as a jewelry store.  There were days when a customer would be more likely to come to us for  a refrigerator than they would for beautiful diamonds.  However, two things have remained the same from that very Read more

Designer Engagement Rings- Trendy, Traditional, Colorful

Shopping for the perfect ring? There are unique designer engagement rings for every type of woman, so keep looking until you find one that really fits! Designer engagement rings for your style Choosing the best engagement ring can be a daunting task. You deserve a ring that fits more than just your finger. Your ring Read more

Gurhan Jewelry

Gurhan is a self-taught Turkish jewelry designer who made his home in New York City. He is now considered a citizen of the world and a renaissance man, best known for his innovative technique of crafting wearable jewelry out of pure 24-karat gold. Let’s take a closer look at Gurhan jewelry. The Origin of Gurhan Read more