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9 Incredible Engagement Ring Designers

The world of jewelry design- like all forms of art- has its stars. The following nine engagement ring designers shine especially bright, with features that set them apart from the rest.

Engagement ring designers you need to know

1. Hearts On Fire Designer Engagement Rings:engagement ring designers

Hearts On Fire diamonds are called “the world’s most perfectly cut diamond.” The special cut used by master cutters to carve out these rare, knot free diamonds unleashes an 8-point fire burst across the crown. Turn the stone over and a ring of tiny perfect hearts circle the bottom of the stone creating “hearts on fire”.  The brilliance of Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings sparkles brightly, even in dim lighting.

Debut Solitaire Engagement Ring

2. Forevermark by De Beers Engagement Rings:

Forevermark is the diamond brand for the well know De Beers parent company, which was founded more than 125 years ago. Every carefully selected and cut diamond receives an inscription consisting of the Forevermark logo  and identification number. The inscription is not visible to the naked eye, and it does not interfere with the brilliance of the diamond. The inscription is De Beers’ promise that their Forevermark diamonds are authentic, natural and responsibly sourced. With that inscription, you can register the diamond under your own name.

Three Stone Halo Engagement Ring

3. Gabriel & Co. Engagement Rings:

Jack and Dominick Gabriel, brothers and owners of Gabriel & Co. hold the belief that fine jewelry is more than the sum of its parts. Granted, those parts are exquisitely designed with passion by superior artisans using the finest materials available. Only the best is worthy of representing the special events of your life. For the Gabriel brothers, the real purpose of fine jewelry is the love, passion and deep meaning it is meant to represent. Each touch of your Gabriel Engagement Ring will remind you of the love and promise.

Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

engagement ring designers

4. Simon G. Engagement Rings:

Simon G. jewelry is often seen on some of the world’s most famous celebrities. His designs appear on The Red Carpet at many well-known events. Before Simon G. became Simon G., he was an average man named Simon Ghanimian. Newly arrived in America with $200 in his pocket and a dream of becoming an engineer. To earn money for college, he worked for a jeweler in New York, setting diamonds. Along the way, he discovered his passion for luxury jewelry and began creating his own designs. The young designer visited Los Angeles and he never left. It was there that the Simon G. brand was born. He now has a family and has brought his children to share in his legacy.

Cushion Frame Open Engagement Ring Mounting

5. Michael M. Engagement Rings:

Michael M. handcrafts his luxury jewelry designs always to maximize the brilliance. He is known for positioning 100 diamonds in a halo to accentuate the beauty of the center diamond. It takes about three days to set the diamonds for one of his engagement rings. Michael M. designs for is the sophisticated bride who wants the very best.

Handcrafted Pave and U-Set Engagement Ring

6. Verragio Engagement Ring Designers:

The designers for Verragio Engagement Rings are extremely talented and give great attention to detail. Each ring is crafted with intricate etching and molded metals to create a beautiful piece of bridal jewelry that catches you eye from all angles. You can even work with a jeweler to customize your ring and make it one of a kind. Add lace, tiaras, beading and gemstones until it is everything you have ever dreamed of.

Verragio Insignia Engagement Ring with Rose Gold

7. A. Jaffe Engagement Rings:

There is a lot said about engagement ring quality, beauty and diamond size. You will find only fine quality and exquisite design in A. Jaffe engagement rings. An additional detail that sets them apart is comfort. Nobody talks about the comfort of a ring but A. Jaffe believes to wear it for a lifetime you need comfort as well as beauty. His signature design includes a slight squaring of the shank. This subtle difference prevents twisting and makes for a comfortably fitting ring. Eighty hours of intricate work goes into each A. Jaffe engagement ring.

18k White Gold with Cushion Halo and Baguette and Pave Shoulders

8. Michael B. Engagement Rings:

Michael B. proved to be a masterful designer at a very young age. After emigrating from Istanbul to California as a teenager, his designs quickly found favor with Hollywood elite. In the ‘90s, he lead a revival to bring back platinum as the precious metal for diamond engagement rings. He is also the creator of the micro pavé diamond setting. The micro pavé design uses small diamonds to cover the setting so no metal is seen. When used in an engagement ring setting, this design adds more sparkle and brilliance to the center diamond, making it appear larger. Many jewelry designers today are inspired by his work with the micro pave setting.

Gold Quintessa Ring

9. ArtCarved Engagement Ring Designers:

ArtCarved engagement rings has a history of firsts. Among them is the creation of the first seamless wedding band and the first illustrated catalogue for shopping at home. In 1920, their master artisans introduced carved rings upon which the company based its name and reputation. With World War II on the horizon, the government stopped the manufacture of jewelry to divert the metals for wartime use. ArtCarved, known at the time as J.R. Wood & Sons, petitioned the government and won the privilege of being the only company allowed to make jewelry during the war. After the war, ArtCarved utilized celebrity endorsements, beginning with Elizabeth Taylor in 1950, to promote their brand.

ArtCarved Eris

Choose from the best of the best engagement ring designers

The stories behind these outstanding engagement ring designers add meaning to the beauty of their designs. There is no better way to represent your love and display your commitment!

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