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Gabriel Engagement Rings for Every Woman

Regardless of how you plan it, marriage proposals are set to be magical. They signal the beginning of a beautiful new chapter. Choose a ring that fits the mood. Gabriel engagement rings are crafted to capture the enchantment of that life-changing moment when you say YES!

Gabriel Engagement Rings for Every Womangabriel engagement rings

Going beyond just creating jewelry out of metals and precious gems, Gabriel & Co. takes into consideration the fact that every love story has a different twist, hence the need for great variety.

Recognizing that each bride will have her own unique style and taste, Gabriel & Co. has prided itself on providing a diverse collection of engagement rings in their bridal collections, so that every bride might find something to fit her unique style perfectly.

There is a dazzling array of Gabriel engagement rings with styles ranging from vintage to contemporary and from classic to abstract. You’ll see everything from the time-tested solitaire diamond to the trending double halo style. Some styles are white gold with sparkling diamonds. Others styles feature mixed metals and sapphire detailing. You’ll even find engagement rings that have such an unusual shape, like the twist styles, to trick the eye and draw attention to your ring finger. Browse the extensive collection to find a style and color combination that stands out.

Wedding Bands to match Gabriel Engagement Rings

Looking ahead to the next big step to follow the engagement, Gabriel & Co. has created a wide variety of dazzling wedding bands for you to pair with your engagement ring. You can choose to purchase them together as a set, or pick the rings out separately. The wedding bands (also called anniversary bands) are designed to curve around Gabriel & Co. engagement rings, to fit comfortably together and compliment the beauty of the engagement ring.

Gabriel Engagement Rings are customized to fit your budget

Purchasing an engagement can be a bit of a financial investment. However, when shopping for Gabriel Engagement Rings, you can feel at ease knowing that you can customize your favorite ring to make fall within your budget, no matter the size.  If money is no object, you’ll probably want to select Hearts On Fire diamonds to set into your Gabriel engagement ring.

Cost Effective Gemstones

If you’re shopping on a budget, Gabriel engagement rings will give you more options for your money. Most of their rings are sold as settings, so you can add a center stone of your choice. The center stones can be selected according to your budget, so you can still buy the most beautiful ring that you find, without breaking the bank. If you love a ring style that costs more than you want to spend, just choose a less expensive diamond for the center stone. There are many appropriate alternatives to the usual white diamonds, such as colorful version like yellow diamonds, and birthstones. These other precious gems are stunning and cost effective.

Personalized and Sentimental

You also have a choice of adding a stone from another piece of jewelry to symbolize your love. Maybe you inherited a vintage ring from a relative, and you want to put the gemstones in a new setting of your choice. If your groom gave you a diamond necklace when you started dating, you might want to make it into a ring. Personalized custom jewelry work will give Gabriel engagement rings an added element of sentimental value, and it makes for a great story.

Gabriel Engagement Rings that Break the Rules

Apart from the classic engagement rings that have never lost their flare, Gabriel Engagement rings are also available in styles that break away from the norm. These extremely creative pieces do not conform to a particular structure, shape, metal, or gemstone. They are absolutely extemporaneous and original. The nontraditional bride will be blown away at her options within the free form collection of Gabriel engagement rings.

Here’s a view of some Gabriel engagement rings that offer a fresh perspective on bridal:

  • Colorful stones such as sapphire


Bridal Halo: Side Sapphire with Milgrain Detailing

This Victorian styled work of art is a chic, exotic piece that befits royalty. It features a bridal halo that is that is perfectly highlighted with two classy sapphire stones at the sides. The luxurious band features intricate designs in a channel of dazzling diamonds. You have the freedom to choose your own centerpiece, so get creative!


  • Mixed metals in a swirl design


Bridal Diamond Pave Bypass

This daring and eye catching design features a bold mixture of white gold and pink gold that spirals around a heavenly center stone. The detailing on this piece is simply amazing, since it adds a contemporary twist and an element of fun of youthfulness in this bridal masterpiece.


  • Rose Gold instead of classic white or yellow


Bridal Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

This breathtaking treasure of a ring offers a unique perspective on engagement jewelry. Rose gold is a very popular choice now, often preferred over white or yellow gold. This piece defies the ordinary shapes and features classy detailing like you’ve never seen before. The rose gold accentuates the divinity of the diamonds that are strategically set into the sides of the band, following a twisting line. You can choose any gemstone that you want for a centerpiece.

Going with Gabriel Engagement Rings

Your search for the perfect symbol of love stops here, since you will certainly find something for every style, lifestyle, and budget. There is an ideal Gabriel engagement ring for every woman, to represent every love story.

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