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Say Yes to Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, one designer jewelry brand reigns supreme. Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings surpass others in value and in beauty – a preferred choice for the bride-to-be.

Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings are FlawlessHearts on Fire Engagement Rings

Established as having the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds,” Hearts On Fire engagement rings possess an enchanting beauty that is sure to impress even the most critical eye. If you desire to woo your beloved by treating her to the finest things in life, start by presenting her with a dazzling Hearts On Fire engagement ring.

These gorgeous rings are crafted with unmatched precision and skill, to perfectly capture and reflect the light so they can even sparkle in the shadows.

Standards of Cutting and Polishing

Diamond cutting experts are trained exclusively in this process, and it takes 4-6 hours per carat to saw through the diamond from the rough. Each diamond is polished at 100x magnification- something that no other diamond cutters do. To see how Hearts On Fire engagement rings are made, you can take a virtual tour of the cutting facility, which is really interesting to see!

Collection of Hearts and Starbursts

Every diamond selected by Hearts On Fire is designed to symbolize the commitment that comes with marital engagement. The diamonds are cut in such a way that shapes them to look like a collection of hearts and starbursts when viewed under a magnifying glass. Each diamond has eight flawlessly cut hearts on the bottom, and an eight-pointed starburst (HOF calls it a Fireburst®) on the top. What better way to celebrate your commitment to love?

Only the Best are Chosen

Another thing that sets Hearts On Fire engagement rings apart is the rigorous selection process the the diamonds go through. Diamonds of this caliber are rare. Hearts On Fire ensures that only the best diamonds are used. As a matter of fact, only 1/10 of 1% of the world’s natural rough diamonds will manage to make the cut. This meticulous process surpasses even the highest standards held by top luxury brands.


Shapes and styles of Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings

The diamonds in Hearts On Fire engagement rings are available in two cuts, both of which are proprietary to the Hearts On Fire company. Beyond the cut, there are many gorgeous styles to choose from that are sure to dazzle and enchant long after your wedding day.

Round- traditional shape

The classic round cut diamond is skillfully crafted with 58 facets, or sides. Though a traditional look, this cut is classic and popular. It represents class, prestige, and power. This brilliant cuts maximizes and directs even the faintest glimmer of light and bounces the rays around to create a sparkly sensation of a ring.

Dream – square shape

The Dream® (square) diamond is amazingly crafted with 70 facets, or sides. It is celebrated as the only fancy-shaped diamond that meets the Hearts On Fire standard. This cut is so unique that only a few expert diamond cutters in the world are skilled enough to craft a Dream® diamond. Other fancy-cut diamonds look dull compared to the round cut, but the Dream® cut was granted a U.S. Design Patent for having the highest light return.

Halo style

Choose from the wide assortment of halo engagement rings. They are currently one of the most popular trends in engagement ring styles because of their unique settings and classic beauty.

Pavé style

Available in several variations, Hearts On Fire pavé engagement rings encompass simplicity, elegance and sophistication.

Solitaire style

With a perfect mixture of beauty and tradition, the Hearts On Fire diamond solitaire is a traditional engagement ring has a purity and grace that is unmatched.


This intricately designed style pays an unimaginable attention to detail. The beauty it possesses is simply one of a kind.

Three Stone

As the name suggests, a three-stone diamond engagement ring features three exquisite stones stacked in a row.


Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings are the highest end of luxury

By choosing Hearts On Fire engagement rings, you are making a bold statement that your love is precious and rare. Each Hearts On Fire piece comes complete with a sensational center stone that is guaranteed to be of the highest quality in the world. They are available in 1 carat and above. Money is no option when it comes to luxurious engagement rings; but these rings are not for everyone because they are exclusive and therefore expensive. Hearts On Fire is an investment.

Decide on Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings

Representing love, commitment, and wealth, Hearts On Fire holds a class of its own. When it comes to choosing the right ring for your bride, you can bet on Hearts On Fire engagement rings.

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