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14 Engagement Ring Tips: Gentleman’s Guide to Ring Shopping

You’ve got the girl. You know the plan. Now you need to get the ring. Follow our guide for helpful engagement ring tips so you can start off on the right foot…I mean finger…Engagement ring insurance

Preparing for your future: Engagement Ring Tips

1. Save up your money

There are plenty of things to worry about when you’re planning a future. Take some pressure off by saving up money for the things that are going cost you a lot. The engagement ring purchase is an important one, and you won’t want money to keep you from buying a ring that she’ll love for a lifetime. A good rule of thumb is to save up 3months salary or a quarter of your annual income. It might sound like a lot, but if you have it set aside it will ensure that you get the right ring with the insurance to protect it.

2. Figure out her style

Does she like to be trendy or would she make more of a traditional bride? Learning what she likes will help you to make her happy. Buying gifts will not be so difficult and making decisions that she supports will become second nature, if you understand what she thinks and what she likes. Study her reactions, ask her lots of questions, and make it your mission to understand what makes your future wife unique.

3. Set a loose timeline

If you’re a type A kind of guy, you might already have a five-year plan. But maybe you take it day by day. When it comes to getting married, you should set a loose timeline of when you want to make things happen. Your future wife will feel more secure if you can communicate your general plan, so she can weigh in on it. When will you get married? Do you want to throw an engagement party? When and where do you want to propose? Chances are, she’s already given it plenty of thought (and probably even dreamed about it) so it will help to know that you’ve been working on a plan for the two of you.

4. Keep a list of important dates

When is her birthday? On what day did you meet? Do you remember the anniversary of the time you started dating? If you’re not one to remember dates, make a list of these in your cellphone or mark them on your calendar. You will make her feel special by remembering to celebrate these special memories. There might even be a date worth engraving on the inside of her engagement ring, or maybe your wedding bands.

5. Talk to her parents

Whether you take the chivalrous approach of asking her parents for their daughter’s hand, or you meet with them to share your plans and ask for advice, it’s a great idea to talk to her parents before proposing. Of course it depends on the nature of the relationship, but most women will be relieved and grateful that her groom already won her family’s approval. Besides, you might want to arrange for them to join the party after she says YES, so you can celebrate as a family.

Engagement Ring Tips

Shopping for the Engagement Ring

6. Learn her ring size

This is a step you should never skip. Do not take a guess on her ring size. The last thing you’ll want to deal with is putting a ring on that doesn’t fit. If it’s too big, she’ll have to get it resized or risk losing the ring altogether. If it’s too small, she might have to pick a different ring, or worse, it might get stuck on her finger. You can discretely find out her ring size by borrowing another ring that she wears on that finger. Or, ask her mom or best friend to secretly find out for you.

7. Do some research online

There is no substitute for being prepared, so do some research on engagement ring designers and browse the different ring styles and colors that are out there. You will have a more successful time ring shopping if you have an idea of what you’re looking for when you arrive at the store. However, be forewarned against purchasing luxury jewelry from a website. While many sites claim to be safe and certified, there is a lot of trickery that happens when people buy engagement rings online.

8. Choose a local jewelry store

For a big purchase like this, it’s better to visit a jewelry store close to home, for assurance, credibility, and convenience. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to buy from a jewelry store near you. You’ll be just a short drive away if something happens. For example: if she needs to resize the ring, or she loses a gemstone or needs a repair, or simply wants to stop in and have it cleaned for free. It’s also wise to work with local jewelers who you can trust based on word-of-mouth referrals from your friends.

9. Plan a shopping trip, together or alone

Do you want her to go with you to pick out the ring? If she’s a modern woman who doesn’t like surprises, and you don’t mind being untraditional, ring shopping together is a good idea. This can be a romantic way to buy her a ring that she absolutely loves. Some men prefer to choose the ring alone and surprise her with it later. Also, consider whether it will be awkward to discuss ring prices in front of her. Whatever you decide, proceed with confidence, and clear an afternoon in your schedule for ring shopping.

10. Pick the perfect engagement ring

If untraditional engagement rings are more her style, consider a yellow diamond or mixed metals setting that she will love. There are many beautiful styles that are trending now, such as the Halo style, Pavé style, and the Sidestone setting. Rose gold is a very popular choice, but 24k yellow gold and platinum are the most valuable metals. If you’re feeling unsure, a safe bet is to go with a classic solitaire diamond in white gold, especially if she has classic taste. As far as designers go, there are many, but Hearts On Fire is the favorite.

11. Protect it with insurance

Getting insurance on the engagement ring is a no-brainer. Most jewelers will recommend an insurance company- one they have personal experience with. Just be aware that some insurance companies are very cooperative while others are not. You will be in good hands if the insurance company works well with the jewelry shop you’re buying from. Also, ask if the engagement ring insurance will limit repairs and replacements to certain shops only, or if you are free to choose where you want to go for repairs and replacements. Hopefully, you will not ever need their services, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Engagement Ring Tips

Moving towards the Marriage Proposal

12. Hide the ring in a good spot

Don’t buy the ring too far in advance unless you have a very safe and secure place to hide it. Some people entrust a close friend or relative to store the ring for them, but this is not always the best choice. Can you keep it somewhere safe where she won’t ever find it? Perhaps in a safe, or someone in your private office. Make sure you check on it from time to time if you’re hiding it for a long period.

13. Decide how you will ask her

It all comes down to this question: Will you marry me? But, how will you ask her? Do you have a vision for the big proposal? You’re probably thinking this through already, but you may want to write down your thoughts and practice the way you will ask her. She will be hanging on every word, so make sure you are genuine and original. Avoid using clichés, but be sure to bring plenty of romance!

14. Put your plan into action

Make an appointment at the nail salon so she can get her nails done before you propose. Most women care about having a nice manicure when their man finally pops the question. Remember to make the reservation a few days in advance if you plan to ask her during a dinner date. The last thing to do is work up your confidence- don’t overthink this! You know that she is the one, and she is crazy about you, and this is a match made in heaven. It will be a night to remember, so enjoy it.

Be fully prepared, with these engagement ring tips

Buying an engagement ring for her is a big deal. Show off your capabilities and put some serious thought into this. Our engagement ring tips were written by the experts to help you to handle the ring shopping process from start to finish, so you can enjoy this new chapter of your life. Good luck, and congratulations to you both!

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