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Chanel Timepieces: Legacy Lives On

Coco Chanel wasted no time breaking into the fashion industry. At 32, she opened a couture fashion house and later expanded to include Chanel timepieces. This iconic brand has boasts a high standard of excellence and exquisite taste for fashion, accessories, watches, and jewelry.

Chanel TimepiecesLegacy Continues in Chanel Timepieces

French designer Gabrielle Chanel was famously known as “Coco Chanel.” Her beloved fashion clothing line is always sophisticated and elegant, and it often includes unexpected details. Chanel made a name for herself with clothing designs that celebrate the beauty of all women. Her fashion line also prioritizes comfort and freedom for women to break from traditional expectations.

Coco delighted in unusual application. For instance, tweed that would normally be used suiting she instead would use for making handbags. Since her view was not restricted by tradition, she was free to be innovative. Over the years, the Chanel brand has evolved to keep with the trends but still retains a classic element. Chanel is one of very few top designer brands that continued to maintain and grow in popularity during the 21st century.

The Chanel brand has outlasted the life of Coco, but her legacy lives on. Since her death in 1971, the Chanel brand continues to express Coco’s artistic philosophy, which includes always having an element of surprise.

Chanel Timepieces are rooted in History

The same philosophy that drove Coco Chanel to design clothing and accessories is what carried the brand into the world of perfume and luxury jewelry. Watches are a fairly new addition to the luxury brand. Sixteen years after Coco Chanel’s death, Chanel timepieces were introduced.

Premiere by Chanel


The first watch was launched in 1987, called The Premiere by Chanel. Chanel’s debut watch honored Coco’s memory with the shape of Place Vendome, one of the most beautiful squares in Paris and the cabochon, the unpolished gem shape of her N°5 perfume stopper.

Chanel TimepiecesJ12 by Chanel

As recently as the year 2000, another style called the J12 watch was released as a tribute to Coco Chanel. With the 2000 launch of J12 Chanel Timepieces, ceramic was featured as the surprise material in watchmaking. This watch was a hit, and started a design trend. Ceramic is a leading material used by watchmakers today.

The J12 style is the most popular Chanel Timepiece ever. It is the first unisex watch designed for both men and women. The watch is highly customizable and pays tribute to Coco Chanel’s love of a surprise. This Chanel timepiece shown here is a masculine style in terms of the round face and large winder, but it has feminine design features. Each individual feature of this watch can be customized to lean toward a feminine or masculine aesthetic.

Chanel J12 timepieces are available in several dial sizes, with different diamond cuts, and various precious and semiprecious stones. Masculine high tech all black ceramic and steel is scratch resistant and water resistant.


Channel Timepieces

J12 watch, reinvented

A new edition of the J12 was launched in 2004. The designers at Chanel combined expert watchmaking skills with fine jewelry expertise to launch this gorgeous timepiece. Baguettecut diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are set on the bezels, dials and bracelets in an infinite and ever-changing array.

Notable Achievements by Chanel Timepieces

The Chanel Company is still headquartered in Paris, France. The brand value is estimated at $7.2 Billion. There are several key achievements that the Company has been recognized for.

2005 Innovative Tourbillon

The J12 legend with a ceramic bottom reinforces the watchmaking and technical strength that is imperative for the Chanel brand.

2008 Automatic Movement by Audemars Piguet

The new high-tech J12 Calibre ceramic and white gold or steel with automatic movement by Audemars’ Piguet was an innovative design made only for Chanel.

2012 Premiere Flying Tourbillon

The Premiere Flying Tourbillion was a magnificent result of a close collaboration between Chanel designers and Swiss master watchmakers at Renaud. This Chanel timepiece design was named “Best Ladies Watch” at the Grand prix d’Horlogerie de Genève in 2012. It was credited with being a feminine interpretation of Chanel’s symbols.

Chanel Timepieces are Innovative

The masculine stylized watch for women with the feminine characteristics has been so well received that its popularity has not dimmed since the original launch in 2000. Chanel timepieces represent both quality and equality. Made both for strength and style. What used to be essential for the powerful men of the world has been beautifully reinvented for women, in all of their glory.

The Introduction of Beige Gold

Coco Chanel once said she always goes back to beige because it’s natural. To celebrate her love of beige, a Chanel exclusive gold alloy was created. Beige Gold was first exclusive to the Premiere line of luxury Chanel timepieces. 18K beige gold is considered to be more feminine and subtle than other popular metals like yellow and white gold. This version of the Chanel Boyfriend Watch is framed with beige gold and diamonds and complete with an alligator wristband.

Chanel Timepieces

Celebrities love Chanel Timepieces

Celebrities have brought the J12 to the pinnacle of success. Among some of the most recognize J12 owners are Scarlett Johansson, Hillary Clinton, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Katherine Heigle and Athlete Rob Drydek.

Represent your Legacy with Chanel Timepieces

Chanel is now a privately held company owned by the grandsons of an early business partner of Coco Chanel. It has been almost 100 years since the change in management. Coco Chanel’s legacy lives on in Chanel timepieces. One day, you can pass along a legacy of your own, with an iconic piece that will become a treasured heirloom.

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