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Stand Out with Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings are found deep under the earth in a nitrogen-rich environment. The vibrant golden hue sets them apart from other bridal jewelry. Yellow diamond engagement rings are fresh and different, and every bit as valuable as white diamonds!

Yellow DiamondYellow Diamond Engagement Rings are Fresh

Standard white diamonds are valued according to how colorless they are. From white to light yellow, they are graded on the industry’s scale of D to Z, with the light yellow being least expensive. However, these yellowish white diamonds are not “yellow diamonds” at all. True natural yellow diamonds with a vibrant hue are in a group of their own, called Fancy diamonds.

Fancy Diamonds

Fancy diamonds range from yellow to brown in color. The Fancy label is reserved for gemstones with color that goes beyond Z on the color grading scale. The more intense the color, the more rare and valuable the fancy diamond is.  Therefore, all else being equal, a fancy yellow diamond or other vividly colored diamond will cost more than a white diamond of comparable size and clarity.

Yellow diamonds categorized as fancy intense or fancy vivid are even more rare than white diamonds. The scarcity of yellow diamonds drives up the price. The demand for yellow diamond engagement rings has increased as more women discover their unique beauty.

When it comes to the cost, yellow diamonds are usually more expensive than white diamonds, but it depends on a few factors. Every diamond is graded according to the 4C’s (color, cut, clarity, carats) and the price is determined according to the grade. Fancy diamonds are in a grading class all their own. The more intense the color is, the greater the value.

A stunning example of a valuable piece is this yellow diamond engagement ring designed by Katherine James. It is part of her Bella’s Love collection. You can see the dramatic effect of a fancy yellow diamond cushion set in platinum or white gold and surrounded by white diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Most Likely to Wear Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Be sure the yellow diamond engagement ring you choose is the one that you love. No matter the diamond color, carat, cut, or clarity, the size or the setting, you should feel like it suits you. The right ring for your personality and style will feel right at home on your finger.

You might be more likely to wear a yellow diamond engagement ring for these reasons:

  • A woman who has a few white diamond rings already in her jewelry collection may opt for a yellow diamond engagement ring. The unique yellow diamond serves to signify this ring as the special one.
  • When all of your newly engaged friends are showing off the traditional princess cut white diamond solitaires, you may think it’s somewhat generic. If you want your engagement to be distinctive and have a ring that stands out as unique, choose a non-traditional yellow diamond engagement ring.
  • Mature women, for whom this is a second marriage, may be inclined to go a different way for this engagement. Beautiful yellow diamond engagement ring settings are perfect to capture the light-hearted joy of a new beginning.

Yellow diamonds are beautiful on the hand. Carrie Underwood’s yellow diamond engagement ring is set with a halo of white diamonds.  

Favorite Picks: Authentic Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

When buying a piece of yellow diamond jewelry, as with any color of diamond, trust a reputable local jeweler to spare you from knock-offs or fakes. Your jewelers should offer a certificate of authenticity with your purchase. They should also register your diamond, so you’ll know it’s the real deal. Lastly, consider an affordable insurance policy to cover your yellow diamond engagement ring just incase it’s ever lost, stolen, or damaged.

Here are two of our favorite designer yellow diamond engagement rings:

1. Yellow Diamond Art Carved Ring

Classic Collection

Prong Set yellow diamond set in 18K white gold.

The artistically carved milgrain band setting showcases the diamond perfectly.

Yellow Diamond

2. Art Carved Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

Classic Collection

This beautiful cushion cut yellow diamond engagement ring has a matching wedding band.

Yellow Diamond

Stand Out with Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

It’s your engagement. There is no right or wrong engagement ring, but there is one that is perfect for you. Don’t limit your choices to what is expected and what is traditional. Consider yellow diamond engagement rings as an option and pick the one that stands out!

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