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Michael B. Engagement Rings

For the bride who always notices details and insists on doing things the right way, Michael B engagement rings are a great choice. Their aim is perfection and excellence, in the design, the quality of materials, and the way each piece is made.

Michael B Engagement RingsThe reputation of Michael B engagement rings

Winner of seven prestigious awards and featured in over 25 elite magazines, including Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Modern Bride, Michael B. engagement rings are among the greatest for good reason.

It comes down to fine craftsmanship, tradition, innovation, and dedication. When Michael Bogosian, founder of Michael B., immigrated to California in the 1960’s, he brought with him a 1,500 year old tradition. His family trade was rooted in the elite craft of Istanbul jewelry making, and his specialization was making luxurious rings.

With a passion and a vision for the art of luxury jewelry design, Michael developed one of the most prominent jewelry companies in America within a few short years. His commitment to detail and imagination for beauty led him to marry the traditional art with perfectionistic new methods of enhancement and symmetry.

Michael B. engagement rings are a top choice for more celebrities than the company can count. However, with Michael B., every customer is treated with the same level of service as their celebrity clients.

Design decisions for Michael B. engagement ring

Michael B. uses diamonds of the highest possible clarity, VVS 1 to VVS 2. Their standards are extremely high, and only diamonds of the F color grade are chosen.

Each diamond used in Michal B. engagement rings is cut to exquisite perfection and set using the micro pave method. This meticulous, time-consuming technique works to bring out more color and allow more light to shine through. Micro pave is achieved  by beading a tiny gem into the ring band. By the way, Michael B. was the first jewelry company ever to develop this painstaking technique in the industry.

The most popular Michael B. ring of the past 10 years has been the Infinity ring, according to the company itself. Two strands of platinum or gold are entwined about each other in an infinity twist, symbolizing two separate lives becoming one forever. This is a creative design approach that is both meaningful and beautiful to look at.

4 types of Michael B. engagement rings

1. Michael B. Infinity Set

Get both the engagement ring and your wedding band together as a set, so you’ll know they fit well and look great together. The Infinity Set by Michael B. Comes in pure platinum.

Michael B Engagement rings

2. The Quintessa ring

This gorgeous, mixed metals Michael B.engagement ring is a very unique design. The Quintessa is available in a combination of yellow gold, platinum, white hold, or rose gold and features micro pave diamonds on the band.

Michael B Engagement rings 3. Emerald Cut Riviera Ring

This eye-catching Michael B. engagement ring has metal bands running up and down the band to hold the side stones in place. The center stone has a vintage step cut, as the emerald cut diamond is regaining popularity in bridal jewelry.

Michael b engagement rings

4. Michael B. Crown Lace Limited

This yellow gold and platinum combination has a vintage, European look to it. The bouquets of tiny diamonds are strategically placed to represent antique French lace.

Michael B Engagement Rings

Perfectionist brides love Michael B. engagement rings

Michael Bogosian’s vision for his elite company is summed up in his own words: “Every piece is the essence of perfection”. Get the highest quality that money can buy with bridal jewelry like Michael B. engagement rings.

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