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A.Jaffe Engagement Rings

Peruse the marvelous collections of A.Jaffe engagement rings. You will surely find one or two that will catch your eye. A.Jaffe has been winning the affections of brides for 120 years.

A.Jaffe Engagement RingsA.Jaffe Engagement Rings are special

Exquisite” is the word that usually comes to mind while observing the details of these delicately wrought fine engagement rings from A.Jaffe. Whether you prefer the traditional white gold and diamond combo or your want something more fashionable like rose gold or mixed metals, there’s a variety of A.Jaffe engagement rings that could be perfectly right for you.

You can even customize your A.Jaffe engagement ring at no cost for the service. The best way to do this is to work with an authorized A.Jaffe retailer that is local to you.

The four main collections of A.Jaffe engagement rings are:

  • Art Deco
  • Classics
  • Metropolitan
  • Seasons of Love

The daintily woven bands are precisely adorned with the subtlest details and tiny, twinkling diamonds. The soft glow of the gold reflects in the thousands of diamond faces, catching the light and converting it to a silvery moon-like white, a brilliant sparkling yellow, or a soft feminine rose pink.

Quality and purity is an absolute requirement

Even for brides with sensitive skin or nickel allergies, you don’t have to hesitate when you’re shopping for A.Jaffe engagement rings. The gold used in every ring is 100% nickel-free. Even their 18k white gold jewelry is high quality. They use 40% more palladium than industry standard, keeping the gold bright and white for even longer.

You can learn about the ten quality checkpoints that every piece is subject to before it’s approved and marked as worthy. The center stones have been refined according to the choicest methods, perfected over hundreds of years by diamond experts to bring out the true hidden glory of the gemstone. A.Jaffe engagement rings are truly something special.

Backstory of A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

The backstory of A. Jaffe engagement rings, and the growth of this family business, is quite impressive. The A. Jaffe brand has been crafting the most exquisite engagement rings since 1892. There’s a good chance that if your ancestors grew up in America, it was an A. Jaffe ring that your great-great-grandfather slipped onto your great-great-grandmother’s finger years ago.

Abraham Jaffe, founder of A. Jaffe, was a pioneer in the fine jewelry industry. He was among the first to establish a fine jewelry presence on West 47th Street in downtown New York. This section has since become a “jeweler’s row” essentially, a center for perfection and elegance in the world of gems.

Abraham Jaffe’s vision for the business and his passion for high quality, long lasting beauty served to inspire his work. After some time building a name for himself in this very competitive space, Mr. Jaffe’s stunning creations became well known in the bridal jewelry industry. The success of his family business has lasted for more than six generations.

5 Favorite A. Jaffe Engagement Rings

a.Jaffe Engagement Rings

1. The Vine Motif Engagement Ring has a double band. One is embedded with minute diamonds, and the other is gleaming gold. Both bands are entwined like a vine. The gold flashes in the light of the gems, while the gems reflect back the golden color in a soft display of gentle, breath-taking beauty. The bands join up into four prongs to hold a stunning center diamond in place. This style is also available in a warm rose gold.

A.Jaffe Engagement Rings

2. The Pave Round Diamond Center Engagement Ring is another example of A. Jaffe’s most gorgeous engagement rings. The single band is paved with diamonds. Still, even more diamonds sparkle around the four prongs that hold the center jewel in place in an intricate, graceful design. This beautiful textured design adds interest to an otherwise very clean and basic style.

A.Jaffe Engagement Rings

3. This A.Jaffe Statement Diamond Petal Engagement Ring is a fun and whimsical ring! Cut to look like a flower when viewed from the top, each “petal” is outlined with a thin channel of sparkling diamonds, and the band has diamonds set in as well. The center stone is sold separately which gives the buyer a tremendous opportunity to control to cost and carat size. You could even choose a yellow diamond or another type of colourful precious gemstone, if you really want to embrace the floral design of this ring.

A.Jaffe Engagement Rings

4. This Pave Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Tapered Shoulder is gorgeous and elegant. The halo style is extremely popular in bridal jewelry, and this is one of the prettiest halo settings we’ve seen yet. The 1.03 carat white diamond sits beautifully atop this circle shaped mounting, and the halo and band is accentuated with a path of tiny white diamonds. Even the base of the halo is ornate and detailed. This is an eye-catching ring from any angle.

A.Jaffe Engagement Rings

5.  Last but not least, this Split Shoulder with Pave Diamond Engagement Ring is a tasteful, delicate design. This split shoulder leads into the center stone and quietly joins on the other side to form a dainty band. The metal work on the setting adds a bit of whimsy with a swirl directly beneath the diamond. Pave is a favorite feature in bridal jewelry, as the metal is covered in tiny stones that are securely arranged to lay flat.

Choose the right one, for the right one

You’ve already decided on the one you want to spend your life with. Make sure you choose the right engagement ring to symbolize the occasion, and highlight the perfection of this new chapter. There are many great designer names in bridal jewelry, but you really can’t go wrong when you shop for A.Jaffe engagement rings!

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