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Armenta Necklaces: Dark Art of Seduction

The collections of Armenta Necklaces are not for everyone. These unique pieces have a dark and mysterious element to them, making this brand a favorite among artists and deep thinkers. Armenta necklaces are unusual, maybe even spiritual, and always rather unpredictable. Armenta Necklaces Hold a Deeper Meaning Nothing says “I’m unusual and mysterious and deeply Read more

Say Yes to Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, one designer jewelry brand reigns supreme. Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings surpass others in value and in beauty – a preferred choice for the bride-to-be. Hearts On Fire Engagement Rings are Flawless Established as having the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds,” Hearts On Fire engagement rings possess an enchanting Read more

Hearts On Fire Diamonds

The phrase “diamonds are forever” is often thrown around without much thought. However, if we’re talking about Hearts On Fire diamonds, understand that forever really does mean forever. Known as the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, Hearts On Fire diamonds are not only designed for resilience and beauty. They are also made to symbolize a bond that Read more

Gurhan Earrings: Fashioned from Pure Gold

The collections of Gurhan earrings are handcrafted using proprietary methods to make wearable jewelry straight from pure gold. Gurhan earrings are durable and prestigious, and they are placed in a category of their own. Gurhan Earrings changed the jewelry industry Gurhan is a name that really stands on its own. Before this designer stepped into the world of Read more

Non Traditional Engagement Rings

A typical princess cut diamond solitaire ring with a plain white gold band is not for everyone. If you are the type of bride who wants your personality and individuality to shine through, the non traditional engagement rings will be a better match for you! Non Traditional Engagement Rings for Confidently Unique Brides Who is Read more

Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

Take a crash course on engagement ring trends for 2017 so you can pick your favorite style. Find out what’s hot and see just how many great options there are before you “say yes!”  If you’re a traditional type of bride, nothing beats the iconic solitaire diamond engagement ring. But, maybe you are a person who wants Read more

Traditional Engagement Rings for a Classic Beauty

Can you tell if your sweetheart is a classic, traditional type of bride? Find out whether you should be shopping for traditional engagement rings before you pop the question Traditional Engagement Rings are Alive and Well Plenty has changed over the years. Engagements and bridal customs are far from predictable these days, and people just don’t know Read more

Weekly Movements: Monsieur de Chanel

Monsieur pronounced Muh – syuh; for those of us who were busy rolling our r’s and more concerned with pronouncing “bueno” not “bon” in school; there is a full video on the proper pronunciation of Monsieur at the end of this article. (what a time to be alive) When translated to English, monsieur can be Read more

Weekly Movements: Luminox 4220 (Authorized for Navy Use)

What drives you to purchase a watch? It’s a question worth asking yourself. Newer buyers may be attracted primarily to looks, whereas seasoned gear heads might be interested in what’s underneath.  Those looking for something practical may consider comfort and durability for work, exercise, or both. However, what we are all seeking is a sound Read more

Modern Engagement Rings for Today’s Woman

Calling all new age, modern brides-to-be! If you’ve found your man and want to make it official, it’s time to start looking at rings. You KNOW what you like, but you’ve got to look through modern engagement rings for styles that fit you best! The Search for Modern Engagement Rings So much is changing in Read more