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Can You Rock It? Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Jewelry that was once considered “fringe” is now finally going mainstream! Black diamond engagement rings are no longer associated with witches, rock stars, and gothic brides. Luxury jewelry designers are reinventing this image, making these rare gemstones an increasingly popular choice among fashionable modern brides to be.

Who is Wearing Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

Black has been described as the womb of color, from which all other colors are born. New Age women who are fascinated with the essence of creation may be drawn to black, as it is the beginning and the heart of all

Beyond witches, rock stars and gothic brides

Black is also a daring color. In ancient times, black was the color reserved for mourning- quite the opposite meaning that young brides would want to portray! Because of that history, we see black as the color of independence and a freeing break from meaningless restrictions.

Choosing black diamond engagement rings is a bold step, but a growing number of fashionable brides-to-be are going for the glory, and black diamonds are becoming more popular in the bridal jewelry category. Black diamond necklaces and earrings are getting hot with this growing trend as well.

Celebs who popularized black diamond engagement rings

Black diamond engagement rings are warmly welcomed by some well-known celebrity brides. Reality TV’s gothic darling and tattoo artist, Kat Von D., flaunted a black diamond engagement ring in a silver skull-decorated setting in 2012. Carmen Electra received a black diamond ring back in 2008, saying it was perfect for her engagement because it was so different – just like she and her boyfriend.

Perhaps the person who started the black diamond trend more than anyone was the fictitious Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. In the second film installment, her boyfriend presents her with a 5-carat black diamond accented with 80 white diamonds in an 18k white gold ring. His reason? “Because she is not like anyone else.” It was such a perfect touch.

What Makes a Black Diamond Engagement Ring So Cool?

So are black diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, black diamonds are a real thing. But let’s make one thing clear: There are genuine black diamonds, and there are fake black diamonds.

A genuine black diamond is completely unique in the world of geology. Unlike any other diamond, white or yellow, a black diamond is formed of millions of microscopic crystals merged together into one precious stone. All other diamonds are only one crystal each.

Black diamonds were first discovered by European jewelers in the 1700’s, although medieval scripts indicate they were aware of their existence beforehand. Since the only two places on earth where black diamonds can be found (South America and Central Africa) are extremely remote to Europe, it wasn’t until the Age of Exploration that the jewels actually came to light.

Although respected for their geological rarity, they were not considered suitable for jewelry. Challenging to cut and non-traditional in hue, they were more collectors’ items for geologists than decorations for beautiful women.

Beware of Dark Imposters

It’s only recently that the demand for black diamonds as jewelry has gone up. This brings us to the fake black diamond.

black-diamond-engagement-rings-2The rarity of black diamonds did not change when they suddenly became popular. Regrettably, the response was to create fake black specimens: genuine, real white diamonds that have been artificially altered to become black.

This is done by irradiating a white diamond or heating it. Usually, the white diamond is extremely low quality, so nothing in its own natural beauty is lost, so to speak. The public demand is now satisfied with a popular-looking black diamond that is incredibly cheap, but still a “real stone.” It’s basically one step up from plastic bling.

How to tell if your desired black diamond is genuine? Select only a GIA certified natural black diamond; check before you choose. Another sign is: a black diamond glows black when held up the light, but a fake will show other colors too, such as dark green.

Where Do Black Diamonds Come from?

If you’re at a crowded party, it makes little difference to the aesthetic value of your ring if your diamond is a fake black or not. But a fake lacks most of the real reasons why black diamonds became popular in the first place. These reasons reside in their mysterious origin.

The fact is that all diamonds are formed in kimberlite, a type of volcanic rock. So obviously, diamonds are mined around areas where there’s kimberlite… except black diamonds. The only two places on the planet where black diamonds are found, Brazil and Central African Republic, have no traces of kimberlite. This leaves scientists completely baffled as to the origins of black diamonds.

Theories about how Black Diamonds came to Earth

The theory held by most geologists has a good deal of probability in it. It’s believed that black diamonds were deposited on a young Planet Earth millions of years ago by a near-by supernova explosion.

Black Diamond Engagement RingsThe idea that entire space bodies can and do subsist of diamond has been recently proven. In 2011, scientists discovered a planet twice Earth’s size with more than 3 times Earth’s density in diamond. That is an entire 1/3 of the planet being nothing but diamond crystals.

Another point that supports the outer-space origin theory for black diamonds is the difficulty of their formation. Black diamonds are porous. However, science proves that the heat and density necessary to the formation of a diamond on Planet Earth would prevent the crystals from becoming porous in the first place. It brings us back to the idea that black diamonds could not have come from Earth at all. They are almost certainly extra-terrestrial, probably the residue of an ancient star.

Superstitious Beliefs about Black Diamonds

Superstitious beliefs about black diamonds have existed ever since they were first brought to Europe.

In 1700’s Italy, black diamonds were thought to heal struggling marriages and bring about reconciliation. If love had departed or your spouse wronged you, wearing a black diamond in your wedding ring would rekindle passion, lead to a change of heart, and save your marriage.

Today, black diamonds are said to contain special positive energies to protect against evil, psychic attacks, fires, and ill will.

They also spread a gentle protecting aura of peace about you, allowing you to grow in self-esteem while feeling calm and serene. You might see a black diamond engagement ring as a pledge of security and bliss.

Cool Brides can rock Black Diamond Engagement Rings!

If black diamond engagement rings have sparked your interest for their fascinating extra-terrestrial mystery, their energy potency, or their powerful statement of individuality, there are many styles and settings to choose from. Take your time and select the ring that speaks to you most. May a genuine black diamond bring self-fulfillment and happiness to your future!

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