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Luxury Necklaces, The Most Popular Designers

Bernie Robbins brings the best of the best from international luxury necklace designers. These luxury necklaces are the perfect pieces to celebrate life’s special occasions. Designer necklaces from all over the world are conveniently made available at our tri-state area stores. Popular Luxury Necklaces Bernie Robbins is host to an elaborate collection of luxury necklace Read more

ArtCarved Wedding Rings

ArtCarved is a thriving company founded back in 1850, by J.R. Wood and Sons of New York. Their innovative marketing practices and stunning bridal designs catapulted them to success early on. Today, ArtCarved wedding rings are still considered among the most prestigious. The Reputation Behind ArtCarved Wedding Rings ArtCarved is credited with many firsts in Read more

Luxury Rings that Deserve a Hand

When it comes to shopping for luxury rings, engagement rings and wedding bands tend to get all the attention. However, there are so many beautiful rings that deserve a hand! Discover luxurious fashion rings made by top jewelry designers, and dress up your other nine fingers. Luxury Rings with Gemstones Diamonds are definitely the favorite Read more

Simon G. Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings, it’s necessary to make an educated decision on such a big purchase. Simon G Engagement Rings are worth consideration as one of the leading brands in bridal jewelry. Before you decide on the right ring, be sure to explore the best available options like these gorgeous pieces by Simon Read more

ArtCarved Jewelry- In Honor of You

ArtCarved jewelry is synonymous with life’s accomplishments. Each piece of ArtCarved jewelry is specially designed to celebrate the various significant moments of your unique journey. History of ArtCarved jewelry ArtCarved jewelry has a rich history in the jewelry industry. Established in 1850 by J. R. Wood and his sons, their first engagement ring creation grabbed Read more

Lashbrook Engagement Rings for Him

Down to earth, durable, and different. That is what makes Lashbrook mens engagement rings and wedding bands the best choice for low maintenance grooms. These affordable rings even come in patterns to represent his favorite sport or hobby! Business of Lashbrook Mens Engagement Rings Smart and sensible innovation is found in Lashbrook engagement rings and Read more

Simple Engagement Rings: Minimalist Bridal

Simple luxury should never be boring or cheap. Our wide selection of simple engagement rings is your best chance to find the perfect one to compliment your chic and minimalist bridal style! Who Prefers Simple Engagement Rings? A bride who knows what she wants and is comfortable and confident in her minimalist lifestyle will prefer Read more

Top 11 Engagement Themes for 2017

He swept you off your feet with his proposal, and you said, “YES!” There are parties to plan, and choices to make. Here are some great engagement themes and ideas for brides getting married in 2017! Engagement Theme Ideas It’s time to get creative with your wedding ceremony, bridal shower, and engagement themes. There are Read more

John Hardy Bracelets: Slap on the Cuffs

For the rockstar chicks and cutting edge fashionistas of the world, John Hardy bracelets are life. Discover these epic womens bracelets that will make you want to slap on the cuffs… and the bangles, and coils, and chain link..and the stellar multi-row styles. This line was made for you. Rock John Hardy Jewelry The name Read more

Armenta Bracelets: Old World in a New Age

Do you consider yourself to be a deep thinker, an intellectual type, and a lover of history? You will appreciate the depth and details of Armenta bracelets. Each design borrows elements from an old story and modernizes the story as a compelling work of art. Armenta Bracelets are a thing of the past… and present Read more