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Where to Hide the Engagement Ring Box

Do you want to see a reaction of joyful surprise when you drop to your knee and propose? How will you manage to keep it a secret, despite her innate investigative skills? For starters, here are some tips for where to hide the engagement ring box!

Tips on where to hide the Engagement Ring Box

Here are some helpful hints to remember as you plan everything out for the big question. Keep it a surprise so you can totally your fiancé away and get that reaction you’ve been waiting for!

Hide the Engagement Ring Box some place that she won’t check.engagement ring box

If you live with your significant other, you have a higher risk of her finding the ring. Regardless of how great of a detective she is, there must be some place where she simply wouldn’t think to look. Use that to your advantage. There may be several reasons as to why she wouldn’t look in this particular place.

  • Maybe it grosses her out. If you’re always the one taking the trash out, you could tuck the engagement ring box inside the roll of trash bags. You could even hide it inside your old pair of sneakers, or under your dirty laundry bag. (Unless she does your wash for you!)
  • Maybe the place is off limits, or it seems improper to ransack. Think about planting it in your parents’ room, if they live with you. Or, your mother’s jewelry box. Even your toolbox could be a good hiding place for the engagement ring box, especially if you’re protective with those things and she wouldn’t dare take anything out.
  • Maybe the ideal hiding spot is literally out of her reach. She could get a ladder or stand on a chair if she was really hunting for it, but places out of reach are less likely to be checked because it would be so inconvenient. (Not to mention, obvious!)
  • On the other hand, maybe it’s TOO obvious for her to ever think about checking. If she’s been suspicious and you think she’s looking for clues, it’s better to avoid the “perfect hiding spots” and choose somewhere to hide it that’s right under her nose. Maybe the vase in the middle of the table, or on top of a thick picture frame on the wall.

Hide the Engagement Ring Box where it will be safe

No matter how badly you want to surprise her, keeping the ring safe should always be a priority.  Don’t take any risks of losing that engagement ring box. Wherever you hide it, make sure there are no signs of it becoming damaged or stolen. There are cases where engagement rings have accidently been thrown away, dropped in the street, or even flushed down a drain. A proposal is not a proposal without a ring, and it won’t be the same if you had to go get a replacement for the original you picked out for her.

Hide the Engagement Ring Box somewhere where you won’t forget

Apart from the engagement, the average man has many others things on his plate and generally doesn’t multitask so well. Be especially careful not to hide the ring in a place where you might forget or leave it behind. If you are a forgetful person, consider taking serious measures. One option is to not hide the ring at all. You could reveal it before proposing and store it in a safe place until give it to her. It would eliminate any surprise but at least you won’t lose the ring. Or, you could write down where you hid it, in the form of a vague hand-drawn map or create a code so she won’t suspect anything. Or, tell a trustworthy friend where you’re hiding it- just in case. Whatever you do, find some way to remember where you hid the engagement ring box.

Who to Entrust with holding onto the Engagement Ring Box for you

Perhaps you may choose to give the engagement ring box to a close relative or friend to hold for safekeeping. The person you choose should not just be any random person.

If you don’t have any great hiding spots at home, or you’re afraid you might forget where you hid it, you could give it to a friend to hold onto it. Just be extremely wise about who you’re entrusting to hold your ring.

Here are some qualities to look for in your friend:

  • The person should be responsible.
  • Ensure that the person that you choose has a sound head on his/her shoulder and would never lose your ring. A person who is always forgetful and unorganized, or has a drinking or gambling problem should not be considered for this favor.
  • The person should be able to keep a secret and not ruin the surprise for your bride.

Don’t stash the Engagement Ring Box away too long

Engagement Ring PricesAfter you purchase her engagement ring, there is no sense in dragging out the process. You are clearly serious enough about taking this step to have gone through with buying a ring. Once you bring it home, you will be itching to show her and also will feel some paranoia about keeping the ring safe. Plan to pop the question within 2 weeks but don’t wait much longer than a few months. It’s good to wait for the perfect moment, but sooner is really better than letting it sit around. A beautiful engagement ring deserves to be on her finger- not trapped in an engagement ring box!

Happy Hiding

Hiding your engagement ring box can be fun. If done right, it can give you and spouse an engagement story to cherish and share for many years to come. It all depends on your level of creativity and how far you will go to keep the mystery and excitement going. Happy Hiding!

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  1. I don’t think I had a clue where my ring was hidden. I wasn’t really thinking about it or trying to find it.

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