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Marco Bicego Bracelets: Wear Your Heart on your Sleeve

What can you expect from the love, passion, and beauty of a country like Italy? Marco Bicego bracelets embraces Italy’s heritage and transfer those cultural qualities right to the wearer!

Marco Bicego BraceletsMarco Bicego Bracelets are true to tradition

If you haven’t discovered the luxury brand called Marco Bicego, it’s time that you do! Handcrafted in Trissino, Italy, only a few miles northwest of Venice, each piece of jewelry is created with a genuine Italian appreciation for beauty. The homeland of Bellini, Titian, and Giorgione now produces Marco Bicego bracelets with the same passion and love for art.

A coil in one of these bracelets has been made with the timeless techniques that Italian jewelry makers have been using for centuries. Passed down from father to son over generations, these techniques have not changed in the computer age, and Marco Bicego still fashions each coil by painstakingly winding the gold strands together by hand. The brand’s name is hand carved into the gold by means of a bulino, an ancient instrument utilized by goldsmiths for thousands of years.

Favorite styles of Marco Bicego Bracelets

Marco Bicego Bracelets

Lunaria Diamond Bracelet

Delicate, exquisite, precise…those are the words that come to mind when marveling at this Marco Bicego bracelet. The fine hair-thin yellow gold chaining, decorated with two ovals, one of glittering gold, the other encrusted with tiny diamonds, make this piece the epitome of feminine charm. It is no wonder, because nothing produced by Marco Bicego is anything less than perfect.

Marco Bicego Bracelets

Murano Link Bracelet

Marco Bicego bracelets tend to present a variety of brilliantly colored gemstones, such as in this bracelet, where the fine gold chain holds several sets of superbly cut jewels, including a citrine, a topaz, and amethysts of different hues. The company prides itself on combining daring colors together that make each piece purely unique. Each gem brings out the full delight of the others in a fantastic display of multi-reflected radiance.

Marco Bicego Bracelets

Siviglia 3-Strand Gemstone Bracelet

Take this magnificent three-stranded, fine golden linked piece with rose-cut, multi-colored sapphires. Here shines a sapphire the color of a brilliant golden sunset. There gleams a sapphire as deep a purple as passion and royalty. A romantic pink stone, flushed with innocence and femininity, twinkles beside a creamy white gem with the luster of a rainbow. No one can deny that this Marco Bicego bracelet is a beauty to behold.

Marco Bicego gets a celebrity nod

Considering the fineness of Marco Bicego jewelry, it is not surprising that the Italian brand has served many celebrities and world figures, such as Hillary Clinton and Kate Winslet.

When you wear one of these exquisite bracelets, you are joining the ranks of the Hollywood stars and the most powerful women on earth. You are expressing your innermost being in a piece of statement jewelry that stands as one of the most desirable brands in the world. If you love these bracelets, you should also check out the fashion rings, necklaces, and earrings by Marco Bicego.

Wear your Heart on your Sleeve

Choose a Marco Bicego bracelet that calls your name and show the world who you are through the jewelry on your wrist. With every handshake, friendly wave, signed name, and opened door, the bracelet on your wrist will remind you of your unique personality. Fall in love with the work of this fantastic Italian designer, and wear your heart on your sleeve!

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  3. Marco Bicego bracelets have a great classic look. they are very unique.

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